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Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl – Pattern HTV or Adhesive Vinyl


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12″ x 12″ Lilly Pulitzer inspired vinyl sheets. Available as Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Oracal 651 permanent vinyl – glossy or matte and Oracal removable vinyl with matte surface. See more details and instructions below.

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Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl – Pattern HTV or Adhesive Vinyl

Choose from more than 220 Lilly inspired designs. MilanSignSupply offers the highest quality Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl on the market. 12″ x 12″ sheets are available from various types of vinyl – Siser ColorPrint PU Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Oracal 651 permanent vinyl with glossy or matte surface and Orajet 3268 removable vinyl with matte surface. All these options offer endless possibilities for design applications. From t-shirts, hoodies and other garments to outdoor decals and stickers as well as various indoor wall applications.

We print all our pattern vinyl sheets on a last model Roland wide-format printer. The perfect combination of such printer, vinyls from top brands and high quality inks is what makes our Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl unique. Above all you can use this Lilly Vinyl on all your favorite hobby cutters – Silhouette, Cricut, Scan N Cut, Roland, Graphtec and all similar machines. The prints are so easy to work with you can even cut them with scissors or a model knife.

Lilly Pulitzer Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

We use Siser ColorPrint PU for our Lilly pattern vinyl. We find this particular vinyl to be the easiest to use while offering the best quality. It is perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, hats, cushions and any type of cotton or polyester garment. The vivid color combinations of the prints will definitely make your latest project stand out! Siser products carry the CPSIA and Oeko-tex labels, which certifies that the products are compliant with international health and safety regulations within the standard class tests of 100. This certifies that Siser products are safe for use on apparel for infants and children. Here are some great examples of the Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl used with iron on or other HTV application process:

**Please be aware that this type of heat transfer vinyl does not come with application tape/carrier pre-applied by the manufacturer due to how it is created. However we strongly recommend it for easy removal of backing especially for intricate designs. More information about cutting, application and care is available in the tabs above. Read more about Siser Colorprint PU at siserna.com.

Lilly Pulitzer Outdoor Vinyl – Oracal 651

Oracal 651 is the most popular brand when it comes to adhesive, permanent vinyl. Thus, it is no surprise why we have chosen it for this purpose. This Lilly inspired vinyl available in glossy or matte finish is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Note that the adhesive is permanent – if you plan to use it inside on a wall, ceiling or any other damageable surface it is best to use the removable option which we will showcase below. For all other hard surfaces Oracal 651 is ideal, very easy to cut and apply. Doors, glass, cups, laptops, cars – your dream sticker or decal is waiting. Here are some great designs we have gathered for your inspiration:

Oracal 651 Lilly Pulitzer vinyl is 3 mil (70 micron) vinyl with 5 year durability – weatherproof and waterproof. Do not rub directly on the vinyl when applying. It may scratch. The best way to apply it is using transfer tape. More information about cutting, application and care is available in the tabs above. Read more about Oracal 651 on orafol.com.

Lilly Pulitzer Indoor Vinyl – Orajet 3268

Orajet 3268 is similar to Oracal 631 but it designed specifically for printed images. The characteristics of the two vinyls are nearly the same – they are removable and perfect for wall decorations or whenever you will want to remove the vinyl sooner or later. This Lilly pattern vinyl is with matte finish (glossy will be available soon). It is suitable for all types of of smooth or slightly rigid walls and ceiling as well as for other flat surfaces. Orajet 3268 is 5.9 mil (150 micron) vinyl with 2 year durability. Do not rub directly on the vinyl when applying. It may scratch. The best way to apply it is using transfer tape. More information about cutting, application and care is available in the tabs above.

Applying Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl using a transfer tape/mask

The best way to apply Lilly Pulitzer Pattern Vinyl is using a transfer tape or mask. We include one sheet per order to get you started. For the heat transfer vinyl TTD Easy Mask is the preferred choice. As for all other pattern vinyl you can use Oratape MT80P.

HTV Cutter Settings

Oracal 651 Cutter Settings

Orajet 3268 and Reflective Vinyl Cutter Settings

Please Note: The indicated cut settings are based upon tests believed to be reliable and true. Due to the varying conditions of every individual’s blade, cutting strip, cutting mat, and other accessories, the given values are only intended as a starting point. Therefore, they’re given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. The purchaser should independently determine their ideal cut settings through test cuts when using different materials or colors of a material.

Application Instructions for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Application Instructions for Adhesive Vinyl (All types)

All our adhesive vinyls are compatible with all hobby and professional cutters.

  • To start, cut the product using the appropriate setting on your cutter. You should do a “kiss cut” as you do not want to cut through the liner.
  • Place the vinyl on a table or hard surface with the liner down.
  • Weed away the excess material.
  • For precise positioning of multi letter or smaller symbols apply a transfer tape (MilanSignSupply sells Oratape MT80P which is reusable).
  • Lift away the decal from the liner using the transfer paper.
  • Place your graphic on a previously cleaned surface (rubbing alcohol works best).
  • Rub the vinyl and transfer tape on the surface (using our Oracal squeegee is recommended).
  • Slowly pull back the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle
  • If lifting of the vinyl occurs, lay the transfer tape back down and rub again.

*The inital bonding time of the Oracal adhesive vinyls is 1 hour and the full bonding time is 24 hours. If you are having trouble with lifting allow your vinyl to rest for an hour before removing the transfer tape. Always clean your surface with alcohol before applying. Any oils will degrade the adhesive and will compromise the hold.

Product care for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Product care for permanent adhesive vinyl

The service life of this product is up to 5 years for vertical outdoor exposure and a normal climate. If it is required to clean the vinyl after application, please use only water or soap water. If you have applied it on a car, please note that most of the chemicals used during machine wash can cause damage on the vinyl.

Removal of permanent vinyl (all except Orajet 3268)
Environment and surface temperature must be at least +20 °C before these films can be removed. Using a knife, first lift up cautiously one corner of the film. Then slowly draw the film from the surface at a 180° angle. Heating the film with a hot-air gun while pulling makes removal considerably easier. If the film being removed is very old, a small amount of residue from the adhesive may remain on the surface. It can be removed easily with varnish thinner.

11 reviews for Lilly Pulitzer Vinyl – Pattern HTV or Adhesive Vinyl

  1. Tammy

    I used the one for wall decals and made some great ones in my kid’s room. Very easy to use and thanks for the free transfer tape!

  2. Jane

    Love the patterns. This turned our great for my friend’s anniversary. Thanks!

  3. Rebecca

    First impression is my favorite. Looks gorgeous on my little princess..

  4. Jessica

    super cute designs, decent shipping for overseas

  5. Adam

    Great communication, very nice, and just made the buying experience a lot smoother that it had to be. Thank you

  6. Angie

    Got here so much faster than I thought it would! Will definitely be ordering again! Thanks so much!

  7. Lindsay

    Fast shipping, item exactly as described. Cuts and transfers well. Thank you for including the transfer tape.

  8. William

    Awesome product and fast shipping

  9. Alisson

    Vinyl arrived quickly and is exactly as pictures. I definitely recommend. Thanks.

  10. Miriam

    Beautiful! Excellent quality! Thanks so much.

  11. Jen

    Great vinyl, really helpful seller.

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