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Delivery times

Please see the table below for the estimated delivery time to your country or region.

Country/RegionStandard Shipping*DHL Express**
United States7 – 30 business days1 – 3 business days
Canada10 – 30 business days2 – 3 business days
Europe5 – 12 business days1 – 2 business days
Australia & Oceania10 – 30 business days2 – 4 business days
New Zealand10 – 30 business days2 – 4 business days
Africa10 – 30 business days2 – 5 business days
Asia10 – 30 business days2 – 4 business days
Central America10 – 30 business days2 – 4 business days
South America10 – 30 business days2 – 5 business days

* Please note that delivery times are estimates and are based on standard delivery schedule. Weather conditions, postal or airline strikes as well as other unpredictable circumstances might cause a delay in the delivery. The standard shipping is handled by postal carriers. Orders are distributed to the local carrier of each country (if you are in the USA – USPS, in the UK – Royal Mail).
** DHL Express delivery times are guaranteed with minor exceptions in remote areas or places where DHL or its partners do not have a nearby distribution center. If your order will not be delivered in the above listed shipping window you will be contacted before hand for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For orders sent with standard shipping – your order will be delivered by your national postal service carrier. For example, USPS for the United States; Royal Mail for the United Kingdom. If you have chosen DHL Express then your order will be delivered by DHL.

Tracking for the standard shipping option is available for selected countries only. We use international tracking codes which are not supported by all carriers. Tracking is available for the United States, most of Europe and only parts of Asia and Oceania. DHL Express tracking is available for all orders.

For standard shipping the first tracking information is available once I have sent your order. After that there might be no updates for some days until the order reaches your national postal carrier. Once this updates has come out you will receive regular updates. DHL Express tracking is updated a few times per day.

Your order is international and it usually enters your country from a certain location i.e New York for the United States. USPS takes over the order and distributes it to your address. However, there would be different delivery time if you live in New York or California.

Business days exclude the weekend and national holidays. One week is 7 days while one business week is 5 days.

Yes, I do. You can choose DHL Express on the cart or checkout pages. Shipping time ranges from 1 up to 5 business days depending on your location. Exact info will be provided before you complete your order.

If you have not received your package in the above mentioned time frame and there is no logic reason for the delay I will definitely compensate you for the trouble. 99% of my packages are delivered on time during normal conditions, however some are delayed due to a wrong postal schedule, wrong postal route etc. In such cases I will provide a full refund for the shipping fees.

There are rare cases where packages got lost in the mail. Unfortunately, this can still happen in the modern world. In such cases I will take full responsibility and provide a full refund.

This is the time I need to complete your order and send it your way. It usually takes me one business day to do that. Exceptions are orders with a custom sheet size as I have to cut them individually.

No, there aren’t. All my packages are delivered directly to your address and you will not pay anything additional.

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